Clean Technology

Yes, Ctrl Hub is a Cleantech business. More recently, people we do business with started telling us about the benefits of our platform solution.


Well, we knew it saved money and time, and improved performance – what we hadn’t been measuring was our impact on Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) for our customer and prospect base.

Quite willingly, our clients started reporting environmental waste reduction (by the metric tonnes), a positive impact on the reduction of their organisation’s carbon footprint, and a reduction in fuel and energy costs.

We have seen the majority of our existing client base implement ESG Policies and Strategies in the last 6 years, whilst new and prospective clients expect their supply chain to be part of their approach too. In the UK and globally, badges don’t matter. What does matter is organisations have now enveloped ESG principles in their business model, strategy, supply chain and reporting. It’s part of the fabric like products, employees and profit – all on an equal footing. Early adopters have benefited from their ethical and moral investment and continue to influence and be inclusive of those they do business with.



in process efficiency

Based on our current client base.

I am hugely impressed with the architecture of Ctrl Hub and the speed with which they are capable of delivering complex functionality. An agile, cost effective solution, such as Ctrl Hub, enables fast business change to be delivered quickly and iteratively, without long blueprinting phases and requirements specifications, on a no-regrets basis

David Brocksom

Electricity North West

Did we mention Ctrl Hub is packed full of possible solutions?

Ctrl-hub’s SaaS solution for operations management delivers significant ROI and improvements in risk, compliance and project management.


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