Ctrl Hub’s secure and proven solution was created by industry-led individuals, fed up with daily operational inefficiencies and managing compliance & risk.

Dissatisfied with existing software products, Ctrl Hub’s founders formed a joint venture and developed a software solution to address each of the daily, weekly and monthly operational issues.

Rigorous and dynamic in our approach, we’re driven by a desire to identify solutions and solve daily inefficiencies and risks in the industries in which we operate. It’s a challenge that we’re more that capable of addressing, with a progressive mindset that’s future proofed to take the lead in the industry.


Ctrl-Hub aspires to deliver digital transformation across operational environments achieving significant costs savings, improved efficiency & productivity.


Ctrl Hub users to date

A relentless attitude of constant improvement and development, we look at ways that we can build upon our platform, engaging users at all levels to make sure that we deliver what’s required now and for the future.

It’s an outlook and approach that is followed through in our ambition to expand into new markets such as the US and EMEA, alongside the organic growth of the Ctrl Hub brand to cover a wider market.

Since inception, Ctrl Hub is now used by over 15,000 people on a daily basis, across a number of sectors. Ctrl Hub is a trusted partner to Utilities, construction, Groundworks, Sub Contractors and logistics organisations.

Ctrl Hub is secure, proven and established. Once deployed, all of our clients experience a significant return on investment as well as an increase in efficiency of at least 50%. A trusted partner, we truly understand the needs of organisations we work with.

Employee Spotlight

Mark Lisgo, Managing Director, Ctrl Hub

Mark Lisgo

Managing Director, Ctrl Hub

Mark Lisgo, managing director of Ctrl Hub, describes why digital transformation makes sense

Can you imagine just how good it would feel to have real time assurance that management of your operations are competent, compliant and efficient?

We understand budgets are constantly under scrutiny, and change seems like an expensive activity. However, the right software, properly deployed, will result in efficiencies and savings that far outweigh the cost. We recently carried out a workshop with a major client to map out existing manual processes against the proposed digital solution. The result was a system costing 6% of the savings it generated.

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