Your Equipment, Managed, Maintained, and Tracked

Managing physical assets and equipment through Ctrl Hub ensures everything is scheduled for servicing, maintenance, and repair at the right time.


Keep track of your equipment

At the heart of all professions, there are tools of the trade and the right tool for the job. The last thing you need is a broken or unserviced piece of equipment failing on a critical project.

We ensure you can schedule assets and equipment for future projects and tasks, taking into account their service record or wear ratios. Fleet and equipment can be associated with employees, sites, projects, and vehicles and if necessary, monitored via geo tag for security too.

I am hugely impressed with the architecture of Ctrl Hub and the speed with which they are capable of delivering complex functionality. An agile, cost effective solution, such as Ctrl Hub, enables fast business change to be delivered quickly and iteratively, without long blueprinting phases and requirements specifications, on a no-regrets basis.

David Brocksom

Electricity North West

Fleet & Equipment Benefits and Outcomes

  • Reduce lost time due to service or repair
  • Auto-renewal alerts for maintenance
    and service
  • Associate assets to people, locations
    and buildings
  • Reduce loss of equipment via geotagging

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