Managing projects with Ctrl Hub gives you a new dimension

The ability to access and interact with the workforce module, fleet and Equipment and scheduling modules gives access to all the tools you need to deliver successful, on budget and timely projects.


Managing projects in a new dimension

Insights into budget and resources can be accessed through real time dashboards and Machine Learning. Traditional Gantt charts are available for project progress.

Multiple sites and projects can be managed through the ctrl-hub platform. User permission levels enables you to provide your sub-contractors access to the system, thus enabling them to deliver particular project tasks and roles. This means you can have real time data on progress, risk and compliance across resources and third parties too.


Supply chain management integrates with your project management control. You can give access to your suppliers and monitor schedules and deliveries, again in real time.

Every piece of information is already on here, no time wasted; it’s really simple and straight forward”

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Ctrl Hub User

Projects Benefits and Outcomes

  • Real time view of individual projects and multiple sites

  • Manage supply chain and subcontractors through one platform Integrated Learning

  • Incorporate intelligent scheduling across assets, people and plant

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