The Intelligent, smart, visual, and flexible scheduling module

A Combination of Machine Learning & Ctrl Hubs intelligent scheduling module empowers you to manage and optimise your resources.


Reporting is now a thing of the past

Take teams of workers with assets, vehicles, and equipment and allocate to sites, projects or individual tasks. Be made aware of upcoming certification renewals for workforce or assets.

Schedule in servicing of critical equipment so downtime is minimised. The icing on the cake-use the scheduling module to report on your KPI’s and compare team or individual performance across your delivery services, at any site or location – live and dynamically.


Monitor your HSE reporting requirements

Knowing where your resources are and how they are being utilised is the key to great service delivery and efficient workforce management.

Also, these parameters are vital to your productivity levels too. Ctrl Hub enables accurate scheduling based on complex algorithms to include; shift patterns, plant availability, compliance, serviceable equipment, and relevant HSE requirements.

Use Ctrl Hub to monitor your HSE reporting requirements such as Fatigue and HAVS and ensure you are up to date and tackling trends, dynamically. Regardless of where you are located in the world, Ctrl Hub can address the requirements associated with local and international Environment, Health and Safety regulatory reports.

Benefits and Outcomes

  • Dynamic improvement to service delivery
  • Identify trends and apply changes dynamically
  • Save time and money with intelligent optimisation of resources
  • Compare task and team effort across the organisation
  • Reduce your impact on the environment through fuel savings

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