The tools that span throughout all and what connects each solution

Ctrl Hub CORE - is the nuts and bolts behind the solutions. They are tools that span throughout all and what connects each solution. They are why Ctrl Hub can scale to be so powerful.


Capture, collate and utilise

You and your business will collate a multitude of data and information across the Ctrl-hub platform and integrated systems.

To make sense of it all, we have created easy to view dashboards for users, supervisors, managers and executives. All of these views can be customised and are permissions based in terms of accessibility. Information can be shown in list form, GIS/Maps, tables and graphs. For mobile users we can provide simple user interfaces and hamburger type navigation.


The rules and parameters that manage the data from
point to point.

At the core, workflows become intelligent and if necessary, complex, as they interconnect across modules and third party systems

The workflow is the route, rules and authorisation for information to flow from one user or system to another. For instance, a user completes their timesheet for a job. This is routed to their supervisor for authorisation and then passed to payroll. 


Your workflow determines the route, conditions and user parameters for the submission of any form.


The mechanism for gathering, sharing and creating
business data.

Ctrl Hub captures data and information from forms across the platform and user environment. Forms can collate, free text, drop down menu data, photo’s, video’s, documents, files, sound and sketches.

An example of a form might be a risk assessment to be taken before a job starts. The user might be asked a series of questions and a photo may also be required as evidence. Forms can be designed easy to complete, with icons, drop down menus and “yes” or “no” buttons. 

I am hugely impressed with the architecture of Ctrl Hub and the speed with which they are capable of delivering complex functionality. An agile, cost effective solution, such as Ctrl Hub, enables fast business change to be delivered quickly and iteratively, without long blueprinting phases and requirements specifications, on a no-regrets basis

David Brocksom

Electricity North West

The Core combines with all of our powerful solutions to maximise your businesses performance.

What makes Ctrl Hub unique is that we can customise the modules to suit your individual business needs