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Version 2.0 Updates Launched into Northern Gas Networks

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Version 2.0 Updates Launched into Northern Gas Networks

Ctrl Hub has recently completed its roll out programme of the major version 2.0 system update to Northern Gas Networks (NGN). This roll out programme was undertaken in just 7 weeks to over 200 Operational, Administration and Managerial staff. This was delivered to all areas in the North of England Network via 15 dedicated workshops.

The enhanced V2.0 offers even more features, innovation, efficiency and best practice across NGN’s network. The updates have supporting the Operational (DSP) community even further in delivering the replacement expenditure (repex) programme for NGN.

NGN adopted Ctrl Hub in early 2017 as their operations management platform. Since then we have been gathering system improvement requirements from NGN in order to enhance and develop the system. The feedback received from system users, has allowed us to further develop Ctrl Hub in terms of user interface and business critical reporting.

Ctrl Hub has helped significantly reduce the amount of time spent on non-revenue generating tasks allowing staff to spend more time on the actual ‘day job’. This includes reducing the amount of time monitoring and updating spreadsheets, downloading and printing paper-based forms and responding to information requests for hard copy documentation, the new V2.0 update also allows remote authorisation and processing of key site based information.

Dean Shepherdson, Head of Construction Services for NGN, said:

“Ctrl-Hub gives NGN the assurance that all plant, equipment and employee qualifications are up to date using one common system for all DSP’s rather than 14 different versions. It has made monitoring and auditing easier for NGN.”

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