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Where It Began – NGN

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Where It Began – NGN

Northern Gas Networks (NGN) was Ctrl Hub’s first major client. We began working with NGN back in late 2016, and are still working with them today.

The Challenge
In 2016, NGN was heavily reliant on spreadsheets when it came to the management of their workforce, fleet and assets. This involved significant administrative resource and scope for human error. Operatives working in the field required hefty paper job packs, containing key project information such as utility drawings and codes of practice to enable them to work safely.

NGN was already underway with a major, strategic review and upgrade of its technological landscape. The nature of NGN’s business by definition carries great risk, and NGN had concerns about being able to monitor assurance and compliance across its supply chain. They wanted a solution that could be implemented quickly and without fuss.

Ctrl Hub was being utilised by a key construction service provider of NGN. We demonstrated Ctrl Hub to various key individuals within NGN, to show how it could streamline a number of processes and reduce NGN’s exposure to its supply chain.

The Solution
We carried out workshops to review existing business and operation processes of NGN, to model and automate them within Ctrl Hub. Ctrl Hub built a standalone virtual, cloud-based infrastructure for NGN. We constructed electronic forms, with bespoke workflows behind them, to capture critical data in the field that had previously been collected on paper.

Over an eight-week period at the beginning of 2017, Ctrl Hub was rolled out across NGN’s entire direct service provider network, and NGN’s own internal teams. The training was delivered by Ctrl Hub staff working in conjunction with NGN training teams.

Ctrl Hub’s initial implementation provided a workforce, fleet, asset and project management system that enabled NGN to have full visibility and assurance across its entire sub-contractor supply chain.

Qualifications, certifications and competence are managed from a single, cloud-based database. This shows, in real-time, the compliance status of each individual operative, vehicle and item of equipment deployed on NGN’s mains replacement programme. It gives NGN the fundamental assurance that people and assets involved in maintaining critical national infrastructure work are capable and qualified. Metadata captured in the field can be viewed in real-time and fed into a range of management and regulatory reports.

Results & Benefits
In the workshops mentioned above, we also quantified the cost of existing NGN processes against the operation of Ctrl Hub. The cost of the Ctrl Hub’s platform was 6% of the quantifiable savings that were generated – mainly back-office admin time. This did not include non-quantifiable savings such as legal and compliance risk reduction. It represents a huge return on investment.

Our continuing operation with NGN is testament to the relationship we have built, and the value we have delivered. We have worked with NGN on a number of further projects, and have enhanced their platform significantly since initial deployment. Some of these will be considered in future case studies!

“Due to its modular design and the support provided by Ctrl Hub and its implementation team, we have been able to add new functionality to enhance its offering even further. Ctrl Hub is much more than an IT product. The team act as consultants, working with us to continually find and implement areas of business improvement.”

Sam Mannion – Business Support Manager

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