Your success drives us.
That’s why we work differently from your average SaaS model

With a scalable cloud-based solution, we put the control in at fingertips of users, wherever they are.


Working with us is simple. We have 4 simple steps to work through together.


What do you need

  • Understand processes within organisations
  • Focus on pain points & main challenges
  • Understand current state
  • Explore options


Build a scope, cost and timeframe

  • Target and prioritise issues & challenges
  • Resolve pain points using proven modules
  • comprehensive plan - deveolpment completion and launch


Deliver the solution

  • Agile - focused on quick turnaround of tasks
  • Open & transparent - customer project portal
  • Involve customer through entire project & process


Agree what support you want moving forward

  • Training onboarding & implementation
  • Technical support
  • Additional Services (e.g forms creation)
  • Updates & upgrades


What makes Ctrl Hub unique is the we can customise the modules to suit your individual business needs – meaning you only pay for what you need – thus eliminate acquiring any technical debt.

Customisation might include:

  • Integration to other systems or workflows
  • Scheduling tool realignments to specific parameters
  • Build of new or additional functionality not in the core suite
  • Additional Visualisations and data requirements
  • Themes and specifications in line with corporate user adoption

Ease of Use

There are a number of things that make Ctrl Hub different from the rest. One of those is the look, feel and ease of use. At Ctrl Hub we can deliver usability to your workforce that matches current themes and technology.

The solution is device agnostic and works across iOS, Android, tablet, and desktop – adapting feature-rich screen assets depending on size and functionality being used. We work with you to ensure operatives of all types have the simplest of interactions with icons, drop-down menus, pick lists, and autofill. We understand some operatives will be wearing PPE and the last thing they need is to struggle when it comes to data capture. Our intuitive platform automatically activates the camera on the user’s mobile device if a workflow requires a picture or video to be taken.


At Ctrl Hub, our customer success team is dedicated to ensuring a successful implementation. Once a decision is made to proceed with Ctrl Hub we will allocate a CSM to you and your business.

Ctrl Hub’s sole aim is to ensure a smooth transition to the adoption and scope of the solution within your organisation. The CSM’s are the central point of contact, the critical friend, and the conduit between your user base and our development team. The CSM is with you from the beginning of the implementation to the end and beyond if necessary.


Yes, Ctrl Hub is a Cleantech business. More recently, people we do business with started telling us about the benefits of our platform solution. 


Ctrl Hub is hosted in the cloud as a Software as a Service application (SaaS).

You can access the solution when you have internet access and when you don’t (we call this offline access). As a SaaS application you don’t need to worry about updates or file sizes or storage-we take care of that in your monthly subscription. Access to Ctrl-hub is permissions based.

We are also an approved supplier on the Crown Commercial Service’s G-Cloud 12 Framework. The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) supports the public sector to achieve maximum commercial value when procuring common goods and services. Being an approved supplier enables us to engage with our public sector customers more effectively and efficiently.

We are ISO 27001 certified, so you can rest easy on the security of your data. Your data is held in a secure Amazon Web Services environment and you have access 24/7 with an uptime of 99.9%. The great thing about Ctrl-hub is that access is device agnostic – this means you can use IOS, Android, Windows, mobile, tablets, or desktops to interact.

Did we mention Ctrl Hub is packed full of possible solutions?

Ctrl-hub’s SaaS solution for operations management delivers significant ROI and improvements in risk, compliance and project management.