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Working Smarter, Slick, Agile and Cost-Effective

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Working Smarter, Slick, Agile and Cost-Effective

Delivering modern and efficient services can be summed up by answering 3 fundamental questions

1.How do we deliver efficiently and improve over time?
2.What do we need to deliver to achieve our outcomes?
3.Who do we need to collaborate with?

Let’s explore each in turn and try and make some sense of what could be a complex set of answers and solutions.


1. Delivering efficiently over time means exactly that. Don’t think you can solve everything immediately and try and do too much too soon. Tackle the immediate business-critical pain points or service failures first and make impactful decisions for those problems that affect the business the most. You don’t have an endless supply of cash and you need to ensure you get excellent return on your investment. Once you have a success-whether it’s a process improvement, customer service level increase or digital transformation element- learn from that experience and apply this to other areas of your business. The key is to consider the whole while chipping away at the many parts!


2. To achieve your outcomes you will need focused objectives. With smarter working practices and evidence-based decision making you will be best placed to succeed. Reviewing business intelligence, gathering data and making judgements based on fact, will reduce the risk and highlight the benefit for change and process improvement.

These changes will affect the internal landscape of your business. Colleagues may push back, so sell it to them with just as much effort as if they were your customers. However, your customer should see a subtle yet seamless improvement in service or transactional efficiency. Embrace technology and what it can do for you and your customer. Remember your workforce is probably ahead of you in terms of interactivity with new and emerging technologies, so don’t underestimate their acceptance of new ways of working.



Choosing the right collaboration partner(s) is key to success. Ensure they have the skill set and technologies that are robust, secure, adaptive to your needs and accessible by everyone across the business (internally and remote). Explore ways of integrating your existing technology with the new, so even greater benefits can be achieved. Work with partners that understand Agile methods, giving you flexibility of roll out while operating business as usual. Working smarter isn’t necessarily about technology, sometimes it’s about a common sense approach and listening to others.

Partners come with a wealth of knowledge, having worked with businesses across diverse sectors and will bring elements of “best practice” as part of solutions. They come to you with the outside in view and will see things you may not. Their goal is not to antagonise but to revolutionise. A partner that challenges and questions will help you deliver modern and efficient service improvement because it’s in their nature to.


What outcomes can you expect from


Saves time:  the platform makes processes more efficient; reduces effort, reduces/takes away hassles/pain


Simplifies: the platform ensures better/higher productivity; it organises, integrates, connects and informs


Increase profit margins: the platform generates savings that can be immediately recognised on the bottom line; reduces costs, reduces risks, improves quality


Ctrl Hub is a SaaS-based platform designed to assist business in improving process efficiency, reducing operational costs and delivering best practice. Take a look at or contact us at [email protected] or  +44 (0) 191 691 1380


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