Digital Forms & Workflows

Ctrl Hub’s digital forms and workflows capabilities allow for your end users to capture real time data.

Key Digital Forms & Workflows Features

Digital forms and workflows provide your business with the ability to transform typical paper-driven processes and digitise them with user-controlled workflows and process transitions.

Capture real-time data including photography and signatures giving your senior teams visibility of what information is being submitted and if correct procedures are being followed. Digitising your forms and workflows provides your business with better compliance and supports your regulation-driven processes.

Ctrl Hub - Timesheet Management

Capture real-time data including photographs and signatures

Ensure you collate relevant data types for task and project completions.

Ctrl Hub - Workflow

Customisable workflows to match your business processes

Use workflows to combine form submission data to capture business critical information

Ctrl Hub - Examination Checklist

Digital forms are device agnostic

Use mobile, tablet or PC to capture data and information across your workforce

Ctrl Hub - Submissions

Digital form audit trail

View all form submissions and content for formal review or audit

of Ctrl Hub


data capture and information gathering

Business processes

solidified with customised digital form workflows


gains of up to 50%


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