Fleet & Equipment

Understand your asset compliance and allocation with Ctrl Hub Asset Management.


Manage asset certification


Workforce / project asset assignment


Real-time view of assets

Managing your assets within the Ctrl Hub platform allows for instant visibility of compliance and certifications.

Assign vehicles and equipment to your workforce and projects giving them direct access to the tools they need to complete their tasks. Utilise Ctrl Hub’s content management capabilities to attach files and manuals to your assets along with the correct certificates.

Manage asset certification

Control asset certification alerts and renewal thresholds

Real-time view of asset placement

Access to asset location by site and project

Workforce or Project asset assignment

Access asset by employee or project name

Risk status alerts

View the risk status of all assets across your working environment

of Ctrl Hub


driven asset control


view of fleet & equipment


planning errors

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Within my role as Application Support for Network Plus I work directly with teams using CTRLHub out in the field every day, Sam and her team have always been on hand to solve any problem, no matter how big or small either via phone/email or report a problem and responded promptly and in a way that I / the teams could understand which really helped me out in my role, as any minor delay could have a major impact on the works!

Connor Cassidy
Application Support
Network Plus

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