Key Project & Task Management Features

Now you can have access to all the information you need, in one place, to manage your operations.

Insights into budgets and resources can be accessed dynamically. Ctrl Hub has Gantt charts to view project progress for those who feel comfortable using that approach.

Ctrl Hub - Site Overview

Get a view of singular and multiple projects with live data feed

Get access to compliance, risk status, plans, photos and video evidence

Ctrl Hub - Project Status

View project status in real-time

See project in a list or Gantt chart with live and dynamic data

Ctrl Hub - Task Management

Show all tasks across all sites in real-time

See individual and linked tasks associated with your projects.

Ctrl Hub - Association Diagram

Interactive summary of associated teams, assets and equipment to projects

Drill into risk and compliance data across project teams and equipment.

of Ctrl Hub

Real-time view

of all tasks and projects at all locations

Data capture

from multiple locations can be tracked “watched” as they are completed or submitted

Reduction in downtime

with a view of all available assets and people available and their regulatory and compliance requirements


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The communication from Control Hub has massively improved since you took over the account, we received continuous updates on any ongoing developments. Any queries we have are dealt with quickly and always available for advice.

Emma Verity
Northern Gas Networks

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Ctrl Hub - Dashboard Features


Team members using Ctrl Hub to check compliance


Team members checking for compliance

Project & Task

Team member using Ctrl Hub to check equipment

Compliance Regulation
& Certification

Fleet of vehicles

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Ctrl Hub - Certifications

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